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Luxury vinyl flooring in the bathroom

Is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Right for You?

The answer is: It depends. Things like room, lifestyle, and budget are all important considerations when selecting the perfect floor. Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is having a moment right now. But when it comes to updating the flooring in your home, don’t just run straight for the latest trend! It’s important to know what type of flooring is ideal for each area of the home. For instance, hardwood may be perfect for the family room on the main floor, but did you know that you shouldn’t use solid hardwood in your basement?

Some products are simply better suited for different parts of the home. While it is important to educate yourself on the features and benefits of different flooring types, choosing new flooring doesn’t have to be difficult! To help you get started, we’ve put together a guide to choosing the perfect flooring for every room.

Mohawk luxury vinyl plank flooring is featured prominently in a living room with an open floor plan.

Living Room: A Great Spot for LVP and Wood

We tend to spend most of our time in the living room or family room. Whether we’re watching TV, entertaining friends, or chasing the kids around to get them ready for bed, these floors get constant use—so it’s important to choose flooring that’s designed to withstand heavy traffic and your family’s lifestyle.

Whether you prefer carpet or a wood look, Mohawk has durable options. If you prefer something soft and luxurious to sink into after a long day of work, but kids and pets have you nervous about stains, luxurious SmartStrand Silk from Mohawk is both astonishingly soft and incredibly durable.

If you desire a wood look, the living room is one of the best places in the home for hardwood, which lends a gorgeous and timeless appearance. Highly durable, low-maintenance options like luxury vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring are wonderful alternatives to wood that are designed to hold up against heavy traffic and pet accidents.

Patterned Karastan carpet elevates the decor in a modern bedroom with solid, neutral-colored linens.

Bedrooms: Ideal Space for Carpet

Warm and soft underfoot, carpet is still the most popular choice for flooring in bedrooms. If you live alone or don’t see much foot traffic in your home, frieze or textured carpets may be perfect for your bedroom. A frieze carpet uses longer cut yarns to add a little extra bounce or sponginess underfoot. Textured carpets are incredibly popular because of their dense, cut pile that surrounds your foot in softness with every step.

Carpets made with plush SmartStrand Silk fibers provide a great option for any type of traffic. And if you have a few kiddos or active animals running in and out of your room, the low profile and tight construction of looped carpet can provide durability as well as beauty and comfort.

Large, marble look patterned tiles in warm neutrals add texture and style to a bright, sunny kitchen.

Kitchens: Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring’s New Best Friend

The kitchen can be one of the most fun rooms to remodel. Do you envision a gorgeous tile floor? Or do you prefer the natural beauty of wood? Do you long for a rustic farmhouse kitchen or a sleek, modern space?

Tile floors have long been the standard for kitchens, but advances in flooring have opened up new options. Innovations in LVP, like Mohawk’s SolidTech, give you the classic hardwood look but with superior scratch resistance and waterproof capabilities. You no longer have to worry about dropping a utensil or spilling a dish and ruining your floors!

Mohawk luxury vinyl plank wood-look flooring in cool grey tones adds natural luxury to a large bathroom.

Bathrooms: Waterproof Must Haves

Choosing the perfect flooring for the bathroom can be tricky, but luckily there are many waterproof and water-resistant flooring options to choose from! Tile is an obvious go-to choice, and it can give your bathroom an elegant stone façade or even a wood look that’s ultra-resistant to moisture, stains, and wear. But if you want something a little bit warmer underfoot during the colder months, then LVP is a no-brainer: it provides a waterproof option that is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

A beige area rug on an lvt kitchen floor adds warmth and softness beneath a kitchen table.

A Bonus Addition to Any Room: Custom Bound Area Rugs

Okay, so by now you’ve probably guessed: there’s no room in the home that’s not the perfect place for luxury vinyl plank flooring. However, for the best of both worlds, you can combine the warmth and softness of carpet with the gorgeous look of hard surface flooring with a custom-bound area rug! If you’re having a hard time deciding between carpet, tile, and wood-look flooring, then consider ordering a custom-bound area rug to pair with your new LVP floors.

No matter which room of the house you’re updating, Mohawk offers the perfect flooring solution for any room. If you’re still not sure what’s right for your home, your local Mohawk retailer can help you decide.