Zach Sabel is a graduate of Steamboat Spring High School class of 1995.  Throughout school Zach played Football and Basketball as a Steamboat Sailor.  Zach spent his high school years working part time during school, and full time in the summers as a carpenter learning from one of the top builders in the Yampa Valley - Gillaspie Construction.  

After high school, Zach attended 3 semesters at Mesa State College.  The typical college curriculum did not appeal to him, Zach was able to change his focus, work hard and become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. Upon completion, Zach packed a bag and his dive gear,  moving to Grand Cayman BWI to teach scuba diving, and become a boat captain.  Zach stayed on the island for over 2 years compiling more that 2500 Scuba dives and hundreds of hours captaining their 55 foot dive boat.

Upon returning from the tropics, Zach moved to Fort Collins to start a Construction company.  He spent the next several years building over 100  homes all across the front range during the housing boom in the early 2000's.  In 2004 Zach moved back to Steamboat to once again work construction and run a crew for Mangus Inc, building some of the finest homes in the Yampa Valley.

In 2007 Zach participated in his first tandem skydive.  This would spark a new interest and passion for human flight.  Building homes in the mountains, he was no longer content with his "normal job".  Zach followed this passion down to Denver where he accepted a job at                                              .  Zach would work at the Indoor Skydiving facility for personal skill development,  using this opportunity to travel the country teaching skydiving to anyone who was interested in learning this very unique skill set.  Zach was able to be a part of multiple World Records, numerous National Records and State records.  More can be found about Zach's accredited professional skydiving career at:

After running a skydiving school in Illinois for the 2014 skydiving season, Zach would again fall victim to the "curse of the valley" moving back to work with his dad at The Carpet Shoppe in Steamboat Springs.  " I truly missed living in the mountains.  I enjoy talking and working with people to help and educate.  It doesn't matter if you are teaching scuba diving, building custom homes or teaching skydiving, all you have to do is really listen to people and their needs, then you can help them achieve their goals".   Through excellence in customer service we have been proud to be recognized in the Best of The Boat - Best Flooring Store in Steamboat Springs for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.   Flooring , Best of the Boat in Steamboat Springs

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Flooring , Best of the Boat in Steamboat Springs
Best of The Boat - Best Flooring Store in Steamboat Springs

Bob Sabel - Owner

I am native of Wisconsin growing  up in a small town called Fond du Lac.  I was one of six children, blessed with loving parents who always led by example.    I often marvel at how they always managed to feed and clothe us six kids, not to mention the doctor visits and dentist appointments.  I remember how my dad worked two jobs for seven years because he wanted to pay off the mortgage on the new home they had just built.  I remain very close to my brothers and sisters, sometheing our parents instilled in us.

Today I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate for all the opportunities and blessings in my life.  As I approach retirement someday, I find myself reflecting on all the twist and turns of life's highway.  I began my career as a paper boy, became a shoe salesman, tried a trade school after high school for a period, but I was always drawn back to the retail business because I enjoyed meeting and working with people.  I learned to develop my retail and management skills while working seven years for the department store chain H. C. Prange CO, who had stores thought Wisconsin.

I've had the opportunity to be a partner of a nine-hole golf course and restaurant complex, a partner of a large grocery store, owner of two travel agencies, a tile and carpet business and now - The Carpet Shoppe.   I married the girl of my dreams I've been blessed with two incredible sons, Zach and Adam. A wonderful daughter in law and three of the best grandsons one could ever wish for.

I've had the good fortune to enjoy weekends and vacations with my family and friends at our beautiful log home in northern Wisconsin, on Chrystal Lake.  I had the best and worst week of my life on a cattle drive in southern Colorado the year before the movie "City Slickers" came out.  I've enjoyed Scuba Diving in the Cayman Islands and other destinations.  As for my bucket list, I've crossed off four tandem skydives and nine Solo jumps at the age of fifty-nine.  I enjoy camping, fishing, golf and riding my bike.  At the end of every day before I go to bed, I love sitting out on my deck looking at all the beautiful starts in the sky and take time to meditate on the glory of our creator.  My skiing days are well behind me (to many surgeries) and I'm getting to be more and more of a warm weather person.

My life has been a wonderful journey.  It's been filled with numerous disappointments, setbacks and challenges but also opportunities, accomplishments, blessings and gifts of love and friendship.  I guess the next chapter of my life will be written after I retire...

Flooring , Best of the Boat in Steamboat Springs

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Zachary R Sabel - VPO